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Excellent service

Great for UGGS excellent stuff I got 2 bottles,


they are great to wear and easy to pull off

UGG Boot Protector Water & Oil Repellent

Sprayed it straight onto my new UGG dark grey slip-ons: since then, they've been out in the rain and copped a few splashes of 'stuff' from the kitchen onto them, but they don't show any marks at all so, all in all, I'm really thrilled with this product.

quality shoes

I love these boots, they are made of high quality material so will last forever. The only thing is they are a little snugg to get on, if you buy the size you normally wear - but i reckon they will loosen up as the wool inside will flatten over time. I really wanted the black pair as well, but they were out of stock. I just hope the black pair come back into stock, before the special price ends. I have my email down to let me know when they are in stock again, so my fingers/toes and anything else i can are crossed in the hope they will be in stock soon.

Annoying about the delivery type

arrived quickly but to the post office as I work & couldn't be home to receive, most unhelpful. Had to wait a few days before collection
Should have been able to leave it on my porch, it's only worth $20, not bothered if it'd be taken, pretty unlikely in my postcode address
the stuff seems to work okay tho'

UGG Boot Protector Water & Oil Repellent

$20.00 $40.00

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UGG Boot Protector Water & Oil Repellent with soil release is recommended for maximum protection for articles made from suede or nubuck leather and sheepskin double face, including clothing & footwear

Protects Against Mould & Mildew


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