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Women's Heels & Wedges
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Suede Block Heel Mule Women Tilda

$260.00 $65.00

Heel Sandal Women Samia

$180.00 $57.00

Leather Low Block Heels Women Mia

$185.00 $80.00

Leather Low Block Heel Women Sonja

$190.00 $80.00

Low Heels Women Anaya

$219.00 $85.00

Sold out
Women Low Block Heels Sammi

$150.00 $85.00

Women Sandals Megan Platform Leather Wedge Slides

$155.00 $50.00

TA Romina Women Black Leather Ankle Boots

$294.75 $95.00

TA Women Ankle Boots Quella Leather Block Heel Black

$288.75 $95.00

Ever UGG Laura Tassel Sandals #11893

$217.00 $35.00

Ever UGG Iris/ Bowie Heeled Sandals Pumps #11670

$99.00 $19.00

Ever UGG Glitter High Heel Sisley #11554

$285.00 $96.00

 Chic heeled boots and stilettos to complete your outfit. Shop online!

Everyone needs a high fashion pair of heels! Whether you’re heading out on the town for a night of dancing, having dinner with friends, or even just need a fashionable pair of shoes for work, high heels are an absolute essential for everyone’s wardrobe.

At UGG Express, we love heels - especially if they’re made to last with high quality materials like Australian sheepskin or suede. In our collection, you’ll find some of the most comfortable, durable heeled boots and stilettos on the market, all chic and perfect for polishing your outfit.

Shop women’s high heels online with UGG Express!

High heeled boots are both flattering and fashionable

High heeled boots are designed to accentuate your curves and polish your outfit. Who doesn’t love a good pair of women’s heels?

If you’re looking to add a Parisian chic look to your outfit, you might consider our Tilda Heel. At the office or a night out on the town, style comes easy with the Tilda Block Heel Slides. Featuring a classic slip-on style mule constructed from premium leather and a block heel for comfortable all-day wear, Tilda will be your go-to pair in Spring and Summer.  Matched with black stockings, a navy coloured dress, a jacket and beret, you’ll look like you’re ready to wander down the streets of Paris.

Feeling a little more punk than Paris? Our Quella Boots come in basic black, but rock a whole lot of attitude. With a stylish chunky heel , these boots pack a punch! 

For office and retail workers, check out our Mia Heels. These heels feature a thick heel to give you more height in the office, but also provides all the comfort you need to get through the day. Matched with skinny jeans or slacks and a smart button-up shirt, these shoes look great in the office!

Add a little personality to your outfit with these adorable options!

Like to make waves wherever you go?

Stand out from the crowd in our Ever UGG “Sisley” Glitter High Heel! Covered in tonnes of black glitter and featuring a black pom-pom above the heel, these boots are made for making a real statement.

Despite all the glitz and glamour of these boots, they’re still made from high quality Australian sheepskin. Water resistant and made to last, you can wear these boots for years to come!

Shop our range of women’s heeled boots and high heel stilettos online now! We offer flexible payment methods like Afterpay, plus speedy shipping around Australia.