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FAQ Page

Are the Ugg Boots made in Australia?

Our Ugg Boots are manufactured in an Australian-owned and operated factory.

Why are sheepskin Ugg Boots better than other Ugg Boots?

Sheepskin Ugg Boots are better than other ugg boots because they are a higher quality than synthetic boots. Sheepskin boots will also regulate your feet’s temperature better than synthetic ugg boots, so your feet will sweat less and you’ll be more comfortable.

What is the Ugg Boot sizing like?

Ugg boots should be snug when you originally wear them - like all leather, sheepskin will stretch to your proper size. See our size guide for more information.

Why can’t I wear socks with my Ugg Boots?

Ugg boots will naturally keep your feet nice and warm. When you wear socks with your Ugg boots your feet will most likely overheat and sweat, which can damage your ugg boots.

What is the best way to clean and protect my Ugg Boots?

The best way to protect your Ugg boots is to only wear them indoors and on a flat surface. Keep them in top condition by applying suede and leather water repellent. If they do get dirty, simply let them dry out and then wipe the dirt off the boot with a damp cloth.


Are Ugg Boots waterproof?

No, ugg boots aren’t waterproof. You can apply leather and suede water repellent to keep your uggs resistant to water, but this won’t make them fully waterproof.


Who do you post with?

Ugg Express post with Australia Post - see our Delivery and Return page for more info.

What is your return policy?

Ugg Express offer 30 day exchanges, returns and refunds. See our Delivery and Return page for more info.