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Women's Tall Ugg Boots

Australian real sheepskin women's tall ugg boots at cheap prices

UGG Express have chosen a selection of the most stylish, practical and functional ugg boots and slippers, including our very popular range of tall uggs. Created especially for the extra warmth and that unique feel of comfort that only a full length, leg-hugging ugg can provide, you be amazed at how soft and luxurious our entire range is.

We make it easy for you to get the perfect pair of ugg boots, with plenty of colours and styles to choose from. Shopping in our online store is simple and convenient - payment and delivery are a breeze so you can say goodbye to bare feet and slip on a pair of top quality ugg boots with UGG Express.

Need a hand with finding the right fit before you buy? Use our size guide for your ideal size. We also offer no risk 30 day exchanges, returns and refunds so rest assured you get get the most value for your money.